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Modular Filter, Regulator & Lubricator (Gauge Included)

Model: TYY183


  • Assembly of all three individual components
  • Components are attached in series using spacers and piping adapters, which make the individual components easily removable and mountable without disturbing the pipe line
  • Comes complete with wall mounting bracket
  • Regulators are used to maintain a steady outlet pressure, unaffected by variations or fluctuations in the inlet pressure
  • Filter used to separate dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants from compressed air
  • Filter features press-type manual drain with nighttime drain feature, which automatically drains off the bowl once the compressed air supply to the filter is switched off
  • Filter has sintered bronze, 40-micron filtering element
  • Lubricator used to feed lubricants to pneumatic equipment and maintain a constant oil-to-air density over a wide range of flow
  • Fog/Micro Mist type lubricator, up to 50' pipe runs
  • Air filter, regulator and lubricator come with NPT threads and gauge


Connection Size

1/2" NPT

Max. Air Flow

123 SCFM @ 105 PSI

Operating Pressure

7-145 PSI

Bowl Material

Polycarbonate bowl with steel bowl guard

Bowl Capacity

5.17 fl. oz.

Filter Bowl Capacity

1.50 oz.

Lubricator Bowl Capacity

5.17 oz.